Straits Trading’s Real Estate Ecosystem

Straits Trading's Real Estate Ecosystem is anchored by our stakes in Straits Real Estate Pte. Ltd. ("SRE"), Straits Investment Management Pte. Ltd. ("SIM"), ARA Asset Management Limited ("ARA"), Suntec REIT as well as an investment property portfolio, and our hospitality platform via Far East Hospitality Holdings Pte. Ltd. ("FEHH").

Through this ecosystem, Straits Trading is positioned to invest and allocate capital across a range of asset classes within the real estate space and at appropriate phase of the cycle. Straits Trading is also able to leverage the wide business networks and expertise of our partners for deal flow and access to investment opportunities that create value.

As the platforms interact, they generate additional streams of fee income and create avenues for capital to be allocated to investments with higher returns, whether it is direct investments in real estate, seeding and sponsoring real estate funds or investing in real estate securities.