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Straits Trading's metals and mineral resources operations started in 1887 when the Company was formed and are currently carried out by its 54.8%-owned subsidiary, Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad ("MSC"), dual-listed on Bursa Malaysia and SGX-ST. In 2013, the MSC Group produced 32,668 tonnes of tin metal, maintaining its global position as the 2nd largest supplier of tin metal.

MSC is currently:

  • The largest custom tin smelter in the world;
  • One of the world's top producers of high purity 4-nines tin; and
  • The first tin smelter to achieve ISO 9002 accreditation.

With successful acquisitions of upstream and downstream business units in the last few years, MSC has become one of the world's leading integrated producers of tin metal and tin-based products. It operates one of the most cost-efficient smelting plants in the world, converting primary, secondary and often complex tin bearing materials into high purity tin metal for industrial applications.

MSC's custom smelting facility in Butterworth, Malaysia is the world's oldest and largest and since its inception in 1903, has been supplying the world with the Straits refined tin brand which is registered with the London Metal Exchange and Kuala Lumpur Tin Market.

MSC enjoys a global reputation built on its years of experience in tin smelting and as a supplier of high grade refined tin metal. MSC's continuous investment in its processes, R&D, human resource development and international networking will ensure its global position as a leading tin smelter and producer.

MSC completed its secondary listing on the Mainboard of SGX-ST on 27 Jan 2011.

For more information on MSC, please visit www.msmelt.com